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Players better cheat detection any improvment?
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First let me say i could not care less, if people want to use cheats, sometimes it will even improve a game, i use cheats in the old Doom to spawn weapons and such, but i do have a problem when, i keep getting rammed by a Volvo or Golf while driving a Corvette, or Lambo, it ruins my game enjoyment, when some people wont post entire names (not allowed) like this dude D4


Now no question about him or her being able to drive and drive well, but it seems its much more fun to make sure to ram repeatedly every player in his way, without doing any damage to his or hers Car but making mine and other go up in flame, those guys i hate, so you can drive and you use cheats but why the Need to ruin every ones game doing so.


This Guy is by no means a 1 timer, i see a lot of Racers doing stuff not normally possible BUT they do it without ruining my game and your game so i really do not care i do not win every race, because i am having fun.


So what measures have you taken to keep cheats to a minimum, and let us enjoy the Game, or have you not taken any action and just use the "code" from the current NFS and thats that.


I have per-ordered the latest NFS and really hope i did not make a mistake by doing so and buying the "maxed" out version, because i would really like to get value from by purchase and not having to get mad about those who think its a demolition Derby

Thank you   

Who Me Too'd this topic