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Continuous Error messages - Shutting you out of the game?
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Hi EA game developers


Everyone I know who plays this game for months has been getting this error message, at least two out of three games we all attempt to play!


I know the servers are awful, but this error that shuts you out of the game play is just ridiculous to say the least!


Why doesn't someone involved in the maintenance of the game do something about it.


What happens, you click on a battle, doesn't matter what battle or map it is, it happens in all battles and all maps!


You are about to enter the battle when the progress bar stops in the middle, and never completes itself. Then after a few seconds the below attached error message, comes up. You then have to log out of the game, or you will lose three tanks of fuel, which you get back when you shut the game down and start again..


Attached is a screen shot of the error message below!



This is so frustrating, as nothing ever seems to get done by the game makers ... EA what ar you doing, are you all asleep 






Who Me Too'd this topic