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[FAQ] How to Choose a SimCity Server
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Community Manager (retired)

Hello Mayors,


You can select and change servers from our Launcher.


Click on the “Select Server” button in the bottom left corner and you will be presented with a list of options. Our servers are not geographically locked so you can play on any server you’d like from anywhere in the world.




Every server provides the same content, however, it should be noted that your saves are unique to that server and they will not migrate to other servers.


If you want to play with your friends, you will need to be on the same server as them. You are not limited to the amount of servers you can play on, so feel free to jump around and see the different types of players on each of these servers. And even if your friend is on a server marked busy or full , you can both jump on any other available server right away and start playing together. Your gameplay and performance won’t be affected at all.

Who Me Too'd this topic