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Chillingo Zendesk - No longer available to contact?
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Hi all


Just noticed when I tried to contact the Chillingo Zendesk to open a ticket about something, that it is no longer available to use?


The link we have used in the past below:


No longer allows you to contact Chillingo over the Ironforce game?


It gives you a drop down menu to select the game you wish to contact them about, and Ironforce is not there?


Have Chillingo actually got fed up with this IF game and the thousands of complaints it receives.


Have they completely abandoned the help desk for Iron force?


I then tried to contact EA help desk, and they seem to only allow you to ask questions about everything, but not to complain, or inform them about unscrupulous things going on within the Ironforce game!


Darubberfoctor has uncovered the Autobots problem, and nothing has been done, as far as I can see.


I have discovered and have further information (Not to be discussed in the open forum) about the use of autobots, but there appear s to be no person or persons to contact, since Chillingo Zendesk no longer exits for Ironforce.


Any one with a direct link to who ever wants to know about these dreadful Autobots being used by Hackers etc!



Who Me Too'd this topic