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Game won't connect to the Spore servers
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Hi. I've been having this recurring error for a while now that's been interrupting gameplay. I love this game and have had it for about 8 years, and I still like it even if it means I have to play offline. However I would really like online content as some of my missions in Space Stage request adventures that I'm unable to download.



"There was an error connecting to the Spore servers. Your computer might be offline or your internet connection may be having problems. Check your connection or visit for additional assistance or server status.


I have tried everything in the FAQ and other threads commonly linked on here. Disabling firewalls, deleting the prop files, running as administrator, etc etc. The whole nine yards.


The weird thing is I can still log in fine on I can do things like view my creations, change my profile picture and tagline and such.


I bought both Spore and Galactic Adventures on CDs. I have their product codes but there's no way to re-register them anywhere as it just tells me the serial codes are already being used.

Who Me Too'd this topic