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Origin Client : Online login is currently unavailable
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I found out that the stated solution is partially true..


Yes, checking all on, and restart, checking all off, and restart again..(that means computer rebooting..)
But, if that alone does not help,
Try downloading the lastest version of Internet Explorer that will run on your OS, and installing it..
Then re-boot computer..

Then Start Internet Explorer, and after that close it again, immediately..
Then Go tho the Internet connection settings==>Connections and un-check all but auto detect..
Reboot once again..
Then go Connections again, and this time uncheck it one final time..
Open Origin client..(and you may un-install IE again or switch it's setting to max security or something, cuz it's still crappy..)

TIP: For Windows XP user, use IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe

It may be hard to find, but will work, I STILL use Windows XP SP3 for old gaming purposes..

Hope this really helps..
I think the problem is with setting detection done by Origin Client, which is faulty implemented. An either corrupted file or not up to date one for the Internet connections
is at fault there..

Good luck and Good day everyone..

Who Me Too'd this topic