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Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay
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This is the most recent thread for this issue... which is still happening.


It stopped briefly after the "maintenance" the other day (still don't know what they did, since everything is still broken), but I watched a bunch of ads yesterday morning and, 36 hours later, the points still have not been credited to my account.

Currently, buying SP is not an option for me. And, even if it was, I probably still wouldn't because EA can't fix one thing without breaking 50 others and I've had it with the company in general.


See, EA receives real money from the ad partners every time we click. But they promised us bonus SP for clicking, and it seems unfair that they get paid while not paying us in return.


I'd like to see an official response from EA with regards to this issue. Why aren't you guys holding up your end of the deal? How do you plan to fix this, and when?

Who Me Too'd this topic