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{SOLUTION} Sims4 No Sound Bug on Computer/Laptop
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Computer/laptop playing audio on everything else besides sims4? Try some of these fixes for this problem!
(Feel free to post any other fixes i may have missed)
1. A very common thing that seems to fix the problem is by simply going into the game files and deleting the Config, and Option files.
Follow this link to the original place i found it at here --->

2. A common but sometimes unknown reason you may not be getting sound from sims 4 or maybe even your pc/laptop in general is out of date drivers.
Simply go to windows explorer (windows 8.1 and older) or go to the Cortana Search bar (windows 10) and type in "Device Manager"
From there you will find a list of components labeled Accordingly with their icons next to them.
Go thru the Ones with an audio icon next to them and make sure they are up to date by right clicking on them (or double clicking) and select "Update drivers"
You will be brought up with a prompt that asks which method to find drivers (Either manually find drivers on your computer, or to automatically search for them on your pc/laptop and throughout the internet. i recommend the automatic option as it is the easiest for someone who doesn't know much about computers)
Once that is all done, and you have checked all audio drivers; exit out of the manager and procced to run sims.

3. A Not so common problem is your PC / Laptop Muting or not having game and or origin volume up.
A fix to the problem is simply Run Sims4 then once it is fully booted up into the menu (good to check in game volumes through the game options menu as good measure)
Just tap the windows home button key (hard to miss its the windows logo) and tab out if you are in fullscreen.
Next look down in the right hand corner for a icon that represents a speaker Make sure that volume is up.
Right click on the speaker and click "open volume mixer" And make sure both Sims And origins volume is up

4. try repairing the game by right clicking on sims in origins and click "Repair" It will automatically verify files and fix and corrupted files.

5. A last ditch effort to fixing no sound is this. 
Find out what the audio device name is. (simply right click on the speaker icon go to playback devices/Right click on a device and click test until you hear two chimes)
Now that you have found out your audio device name (I.E "Speakers (High definition audio device)) go to the device manager (if you don't know how go back to option 2 which is right above) After that you will want to click on the audio icons until you your audio device (I.e Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)) once you have found it.
Don't go further, Find out your audio driver and have it ready to be installed. now go back to device manager and hit uninstall. This should take a minute or so, now you wont have any audio at all, so go ahead and reinstall the drivers by going up and doing as mentioned before.. find your audio drivers. an easy way to do this is to do as follows

Click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner, click playback devices, go to properties and it should tell you. ( I.E Realtek)
Next go up onto the web and search for  _______ Audio drivers.
(DISCLAIMER: I am not able to take legal consequences if you get a virus or torrent on your computer. YOU are liable for making sure you get the right drives. MAKE SURE IT IS A LEGIT SITE YOU ARE GETTING DRIVERS FROM. MOST IF NOT ALL HARDWARE DRIVERS ARE FREE, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY.)
Now that you have done that and have drivers installed go ahead and try sims and it should work!

Thanks for taking the time to go ahead and read my thread!

Who Me Too'd this topic