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[PARTIAL FIX] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch
[ Edited ]

Some users are reporting one or all of the following issues in CAS which suddenly seem to appear between playing sessions (thanks to @13Vaderfor the video)


  • When editing a body part the cursor will not 'let go' of the part to stop editing
  • Moving your cursor over the screen will randomly grab a body part for editing
  • Rotating the Sim is not possible unless using the keyboard arrow keys


This issue has been partially fixed in the April '19 patch,


Intel chips still experiencing this issue:

  1. Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB (Broadwell)
  2. Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB (Broadwell)

Please try the following to resolve the issue, in this order and testing the game after each step:


  1. Enable laptop mode in the in-game graphics options
  2. Go into Documents > Electronic Arts and move the Sims 4 folder out onto your Desktop.
  3. Right click on the game in your Origin Games Library and select Repair Game.
  4. Follow the instructions in this post to carry out a 'super' repair.
  5. Set up a new user account on your Mac and start a new game in that account
  6. Drastic step - Completely uninstall Origin and the game then download and reinstall Origin, then the game. Make sure to back up your Sims 4 user data folder before doing this so you don't lose your Saves.

If you are experiencing this issue and none of the above resolve it, PLEASE take the time to post the specifications of your Mac. Instructions on what's needed and how to find the information here - Just stating that you are also suffering from the issue really isn't helping anyone, we need to collect information so hopefully a fix or workaround may be found.


Please also include the following information with your post:


  • What software, if any, you have installed/updated between it working properly and then not working (if you have automatic updates turned on for the App Store please check when they last updated).
  • Did you update your version of macOS before encountering the error?
  • Did the error appear after updating Origin or the game?
  • Which pointing device (mouse/trackpad/3rd party device) are you using?
  • Which add on packs do you have installed?
  • Does your monitor have a touchscreen?
  • What resolution is your monitor?
  • Are there any other programs running while the game is running?  (Other than Origin)
  • Is Origin In-Game enabled or disabled?
  • Please attach the following file to your post - Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Options.ini You can do this by right clicking on the file and selecting Copy. Right click on your Desktop and select Paste. Now right click on the copied file and select rename. Make sure to highlight the entire file name Options.ini, not just the Options bit. Change the whole filename to Options.txt. When the warning window pops up select Use .txt. You can then attach the .txt file to your post on here.


Using CC/Mods is at your own risk, EA are not responsible for making the game compatible with 3rd party content, the creator is. 

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