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What is the Problem With Saving?
★★★★ Guide

It's possible quicksave was left out by accident, but I'm not sure especially given how far they go to limit our ability to save at different times.


And due to those limitations, I have to ask, what's the big deal with saving that game developers feel the need to limit our ability to do it?


I can understand not letting us save during combat, but outside of that, why not?


There was a part in the vault where I am playing at a higher difficulty (no new game plus because I refuse to do that right now) and I meet the destroyer for the first time at this level.  Every time I died, I had to fight a bunch of other remnant and it wasn't that they were too hard to deal with as much as it was tedious.


Isn't dying in a game punishment enough even if I get to start right back where I died?  It's not like I am okay with dying.  I am trying to win.


It's like game developers think that if they don't make death suck I am going to want to die in the game or something.



Who Me Too'd this topic