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Idea - Sleepover Game Pack
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Hello, My name is Asia and i'm fifteen. My dream is to become a computer programmer or become a game designer. I'm great help when it comes to these types of things so I'll just drop one of my many ideas here.

1.) Sleepover Game Pack

INTERACTIONS- invite to sleep over, prank calls, pillow fights, watch movies, do each other hair, make pastries, group dances, karaoke, marshmallows over oven, tell ghost stories

Foods- types of cupcakes, weird pastries with potions and weird effects, soda drinks, pocket candies, brownies and juices with side effects.

Outfits- Cute pajamas, cute eye mask to block out light (the ones you sleep with), new bunny slippers and new robes, New hair, and hats

Items- pastry maker, pillows, game boards, new beds and sleeping bags

A nice game pack that is cheap and it allow teens and children to have sleepovers and build comedy, social and all type of skills.

Who Me Too'd this topic