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Patch 1.05 change to chat wheel unnecessary, unasked for, and immersion breaking
★★★★ Novice

The chat wheel, which was fine before, and didn't need changes, now shows which keyboard key to press to choose each dialog choice (I always clicked, since my hand was already on the mouse...), and while interface options are nice, added it into the dialog text is a MAJOR eyesore.  I have to actively look around the added text to see what my choices to say are, which is a major immersion breaker and is actively making conversations take longer than necessary & takes me out of the conversation.  There's plenty of issues that needed resolving (hell, I still have the quest to develop the Nomad shield, which I developed already, even after waiting on 2nd playthrough attempt to do it until after I received the quest; I started over after running into multiple mission glitches).  This was something that wasn't needed or asked for...  If it ain't broke, don't fix it, there's plenty else to do.  At the VERY least, the option to turn this off should be added into Gameplay settings, so I can get rid of the eyesore that is the updated dialog wheel.

Who Me Too'd this topic