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ME:Andromeda Xbox One MP never working
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NOTE: If you are experiencing this issue as well, please click "Me too" on this comment as well as commenting here with as much detail as you can provide about your experience (i.e. you approximate location [state/province, country], your ISP, the platform you are experiencing the issue on, anything you may have tried, etc). Any images/videos of your experience are also welcome (on Xbox One videos can be recorded using the GameDVR and you can share links from your Xbox Profile or OneDrive once you have uploaded them in the Upload Studio app).


I have been playing since March 21st @ 1am, and I have not had a single multiplayer match successfully start, no matter what time of day or circumstances. I have ensured that my Xbox One's network "NAT Type" is "Open", all my internet tests are high-speed, I am using static IP's and port forwarding, and multiplayer is still not working (I have played on PC on the same internet connection and there is no issue at all... combine the previous information with this, and it is almost impossible that my internet is the issue).


Here is a link to videos I recorded and uploaded to my OneDrive account exemplifying what is described below:!AliBgL8mbBwFnyJUYgI3WbKiahxP


Every time I join a match with Quick Join, it will 'work', but my character won't appear and nether will any of my stats (unless I add a booster while in the lobby, then when I go back to the lobby screen I'll appear). I can ready-up and it will 'work' until everyone is ready. Then it counts down (or immediately goes to 0), stops at 0, then 1 of 2 things happens:


1) Goes to loading screen, bar makes it ~25% through, waits a couple seconds, jumps to ~75%, waits a second, then sends me to the main menu saying I "lost connection to the session".

2) Goes instantly directly to the MP main menu.


It's extremely frustrating. I haven't been able to play multiplayer yet (except for the tutorial). I can host my own match, but no matter what time of day I start, no matter how long I wait in the lobby, no one ever joins, which is not possible given how many people are playing.

Who Me Too'd this topic