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Game isn't saving
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So I started a game earlier today and got a bit into the tutorial where I found the second survivor,then the game crashed.

I rebooted and there was no save to load so I had to start all over again.

Then I got to the first confrontation and died and I couldn't respawn,because it said "no save data". So the game doesn't even auto-save,and won't let me do a manual save,

so no I've wasted 1 hour of the trial on NOTHING,since I have no save to load after 2 attempts.


Edit: Looks like my files might be corrupted,so attempting to repair/redownload.


Edit #2: Verified all game files and the problem persists,making the game unplayable and a waste of trial time.


Tried exiting the game once I crashed on the planet and there is still no way to continue a save or load a game.

My only options in the menu are quick start and customize character,thus,starting all over.

Who Me Too'd this topic