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NFS Hot Pursuit (PC) NO "right CTRL" key avail, but REQUIRED in game
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TWO questions....


1.   Does ANYONE know how to E-MAIL the EA customer support????    I HATE how these companies no longer allow you to E-MAIL  them for help anymore!.......and not only do I want to wait over 30 min. for "chat" support (but whenever I HAVE tried......the people on the other end have NEVER had a clue of anything I'm TRYING to talk about or get help matter what company it's been for).




    So, I just re-installed my DVD version of that awesome game "NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT" on my LAPTOP the other day........


BUT, once I got it loaded and tried to START the would NOT allow me to "FREE ROAM" because the game REQUIRES you to press the "RIGHT CTRL" key on the keyboard, right???

           Well, what do we do when your keyboard ONLY comes with a "LEFT" ctrl key????


Now, I've tried to search this......and even asked professional computer tech people (and they say that it shouldn't matter which CTRL key you press, they SHOULD be exactly the same)..........however, the game is NOT recognizing it when i press my "LEFT" Ctrl key at all.


And, of course, the only OTHER keyboard I have, ALSO only has a "Left" CTRL key.


So, can ANYONE out there help me with this?????    I'd really appreciate this.   


Of course, I would MUCH prefer to get "EA" to look into this, because obviously they have to "FIX" this issue in the game.........but since I can't actaully CONTACT them via "e-mail".......I'm HOPING there is at least ONE person out there that knows what to do???


Thank you in advance..........."annoyed" and "frustrated" Frown



Who Me Too'd this topic