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Hair/Eyelash Glitch Live Mode
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I was having troubles with the move up (9) and down (0) cheat on Sims 4 and so I decided to reset my game settings to the original ones. After doing this, the up/down cheat worked fine but something happened to the CC I have on some of my sims. The bottom eyelashes I have on them look like they have a little too much mascara (if you know what I mean) and are choppy for the toddlers. Also, one of my toddler has a bunch of white 3D blotches at the top of his head. Additionally, the hair doesn't look right, it looks clay like, not natural. Keep in mind, this is only some of them, others work just fine.


After messing with the graphic settings, in an attempt to get the game to work again, I managed to get the CC working just fine but that was only until I put the game aside for the night. Today, I got on hoping that the game would be the same way I had left it the previous time (working) but it's back to how it was after I reset the settings. This time, no matter what settings I set the game on, nothing works. Does anyone know how to get this working? Every CC mod was fine up until I revert the game to the original settings.



Who Me Too'd this topic