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[FIXED] [CL] CL-Careers Max level No Raise
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Where to start, well my sim has maxed out the Critic career her performance bar is maxed out but she isn't getting a raise. Yes I use mods - Yes I removed all mods and tried again without them - same thing no raise all she got was a vacation day. I ran a repair on the game to see if that would help, No it didn't. My operating system is Windows 10. I haven't made a new game to try again as getting to the max level of the career takes forever. However my Sims 4 is pretty much a clean install. I've attached the most recent lastException file as I had removed older ones. If it is intended that the critic career doesn't give raises I apologize for this post but I can't see that being the case. I also just thought I should mention I have reached the top of other careers and not had this issue, I got the $10 raise without problems. I forgot to say my sim is in the Arts branch of the career.

Who Me Too'd this topic