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[FIXED] Saving Lot from the gallery to library has missing pictures
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When I download houses from the gallery the first and the second thumbnail shows up and the third and fourth doesn't. Its like it didnt import the bpi thumbnail files or something! I clear the cache, repaired the game and remove all my tray files to a folder in my desktop. Started a new game and downloaded a house and the problem persists. My old houses are ok and they're showing all thumbnails (all the floors) The new ones that i save from the community tab come without the third and fourth thumbnail.

The third and fourth thumbnail shows up blank and when I click it shows up a message saying "Could Not locate this item"

I  put one of the houses in game and it works fine. Saved to my library from the game and shows up with all thumbnails, so this only happens when i save to my library from the community Tab! Any help?

Who Me Too'd this topic