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Do I still need to log into the Cerberus Network?
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So I'm about to do another Mass Effect 2 run and was wondering if there is any benefit to automatically log into the Cerberus Network each time I start the game.

It used to be the case that you had to log into CN to acces your DLC iirc but I believe thats not the case anymore.

It takes a few seconds to log into CN which is annoying since it happens every time you start the game. So can I just untick the auto-login and still acces all my DLC?


tl;dr: Is it still necessary to log into the Cerberus Network to acces your purchased content?


On a sidenote: the CN lists 4 DLCs as "news" which I already own (Alt Appearance 2, Arrival, Genesis, Shadow Broker). Is this the case for everyone since those DLC have the latests release dates or does that mean that they aren't installed correctly?

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