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Matchmaking against higher levels - Titanfall 2
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So it seems that every game i'm vsing G6-10s and getting my arse handed to me. 


I've only had the game a couple of days and I understand if they were close to the same level as me i wouldn't mind but going against someone who has clearly put a lot more time into the game and is a lot more skilled than me I find just heartbreaking that i'm going against what is stereotypically known as a "power gamer" or a "competitive gamer which to me sucks a lot.


I really don't want to sound like a spoil child here but i came to enjoy a game, not to be slaughtered constantly over and over again in matches because I'm vsing G6-10s who have time to put more time into the game.


Is there any way of you guys looking into this?



Who Me Too'd this topic