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Sims Medieval won't launch on Windows 10
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My PC automatically updated to Windows 10, and ever since then I haven't been able to play the game. The disc version was originally installed. After I was updated to Windows 10, the game wouldn't even open to the launch screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now the launch screen appears, but when I press play, nothing happens. I then downloaded the digital version from Origin and it still nothing happens. 


I always wait about a minute for it to load because even when I had Windows 7 it would sometimes take a few seconds. But now the wait is always in vain. I also check the task manager when trying to launch it both ways, and it always says its running in the background, but otherwise its completely invisible. 


I think its also important to note that I downloaded the free trial of Sims 4 off of Origin after downloaded the digital version of Sims Medieval. The Sims 4 trial worked like a charm. 


So what do I do? Is the fact that I now have both the disc and digital versions downloaded furthering the problem? Or should it not matter because they are really one registered product? How can I get this game to work again?



Who Me Too'd this topic