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EASHL player and team progression no longer working
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Hello, I've been experiencing an issue for about a week now where for some reason when I play in a club game in EASHL with my team, the team and player progression doesn't happen for my team. This appears to only happen when I play with my team as on their own they can get progression when I don't play. I've created two posts in the forum and reached out on Twitter to EA for help but nothing so far.

During the games I show game progression as 100% for every game but show an F score (see screenshot). After each game, instead of showing progression updates it just prompts to quit to main menu which is usually the last screen after each game. This is affecting all 5 of my club team members, and we are basically stuck at our current progression level. I've tried deleting and re-downloading the game and leaving the club and coming back (lost all my stats as a result), still no resolution. I've also noted in the club members section that my player's name is not showing up even though I can play and the player name shows up in game.

Please review and update me ASAP on ETA for fix and how this will be made right, as this is not what I paid for. I've contacted EA Help, spoke to a customer service representative, and reached out to the EA Support and NHL 17 twitter accounts and have not received a helpful response to date. Please advise with an action plan on how to resolve this issue.
Who Me Too'd this topic