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Ultimate team coin boost not working on FIFA 17
★★ Newbie
I purchased the 'Ultimate Team Coin Boost' from the EASFC Catalogue. There appeared to be no problem with the coin boost.

When I play an ultimate team game, the coin boost is not appearing on the 'match coins' screen. I only receive coins earned from that game and not the coin boost.

When I return to the ultimate team menu after a game, the pop up in the top right hand corner, in red writing, it says "X amount of games remaining on your coin boost". The amount of games remaining is reducing though I am not receiving the coins. This has been happening for the last 10 games or so.

I hoped this problem would be sorted and I would receive the coins in retrospect. This clearly is not happening. This is very disappointing, especially when 'real' money is also involved in this game mode.
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