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[FIXED] Female Sims wearing bra in Shower/bathing
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A few days after my reply here last July, I received an answer from EA Answers com, a day or two afterwards a strange small  "patch" updated my origin and every new sim lady I created was released from the awful pink bra while taking a shower. Quite strange.... I could  hardly believe it....


 After yesterday's  last patch of 27.9.2016 - EA has succeeded to ruin everything again! The newly created  Simladies are "wearing their bra" again. It has nothing to do with clothing, or hairstyles, it is a  BUG within the game and EA should take care. WE would love to buy the new expansion pack, but we'll think twice now.


EA please, repair your BUG!!! 


Thank you and best wishes.

Who Me Too'd this topic