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Origin hardware specifications
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Origin Installer error


So I clicked on the Install Origin link and I got redirected to the Technical issues page:

Someone call tech support


Considering nothing changed on my machine before the update to the newest Origin client, I went to the Downloads page to check the current hardware specifications. It says:

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later
1ghz Processor · 512mb of RAM


The machine is well above those specs, so I wonder why don't we get other hardware specs if meeting those is still not enough - like video RAM size, DirectX version or whatever else fails the Origin client check. OK, so a short list of obvious things:


1. Origin worked "as expected" before the update;

2. GOG Galaxy and Steam both work and I can play my games;

3. My machine meets the hardware specifications;

4. The link offered by the new Origin client is broken;

5. The link I got redirected to doesn't help at all.


So what are the detailed hardware specifications and when will these issues be solved?

Who Me Too'd this topic