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Bid Ban
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First of all I apologize if my English is not perfect, I'm not a native English speaker, but I will try to do my best.


I have been banned again from bidding on Ultimate Team, I'm trying to make some coins to improve my team, but I just get temporarily banned again and again. I'm trying to negotiate with contracts, where does it say that it's illegal to bid on the same item several times? Please let me know where in the terms of use it says that it's not allowed as the EA Advisor was not able to tell me. Here's what he told me:


XXXXXX: Try to understand here , I am saying that you can  bid on any item you  want but do not try to bid for many items and try to bid on item that you actually need

So is it now illegal to make coins on the market? I'm not buying from a third party or using any autobuying software. I'm just bidding on cheap contracts to resell them and make some coins.


This seems to me like a poor attempt to stop autobuyers (or to force people to buy Fifa points for real dollars?), but you are banning a lot of people who want's to play fair after buying a 60 dollars game.

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