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How will NBALive Mobile develop for the new NBA season?
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I was trying to understand how game will go on with the new season and new rosters that are developing. 

-Will rookies be introducted?

-What will happen with already-existing players: will their values change and be updated? and if yes, will it given to the players I already have in my roster or will I have to buy them again to get the newest ones?

-If I have f.e. a Kevin Durant OKC, will it become a Durant GSW? or Durants GSW will be introducted (and not only the offseason-transferred ones existing now)?

-Will game be resetted someday in the future or can I be sure to keep playing without the fear of loosing all very soon? (hoping you update rosters and players in a way that doesn't bring a reset, and that's why I've asked the things you read upper).


Who Me Too'd this topic