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Older games
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I am here (again) to ask about some legacy games that I want to redeem on my account. Such games are:


  1. Battlefield 1942 Road to Rome & Secret weapons of WWII
  2. Battlefield Vietnam with WWII Mod (2004)
  3. NFS Carbon
  4. NFS Most Wanted Black Editin(2005)
  5. NFS Underground 1 & 2

I've contacted an advisor twice about this because the first one told that they are only available to check 2 codes per time so I'd have to call/chat with them again.


Whenever I try to redeem the codes, I always get the "invalid code" error.


So here I am (again) to ask if EA/origin have created a digital copy of these games so not just me, but other players can redeem and have and feel the nostalgia of older games!





Who Me Too'd this topic