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Suggestions for Madden to improve?
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Madden suggestions to EA support. They said they will be passed on to the team and advised me to put them in the forum. Everyone knows Madden has a lot to improve if they really want to be simulation football, so here they are. I suggest reading them all because they all really do connect and would make the game better together, but I made topics bold for your convenience. 


1. Presentation: 


The team says they want to create sim football, but the presentation makes it far from it. The new commentary is great, but besides that, it's lacking. Pregame introductions are terrible. If the Pats and Cards are playing, the intro shouldn't be Gronk v Jermaine Gresham. Gresham probably had like 20 catches all year and Gronk might be the best TE ever. If they like that head to head thing, they can do Gronk v the Cardinals top offensive weapon (David Johnson, Fitz, Floyd, John Brown). It's just hilarious and unrealistic that they try to hype up Gronk v Jermaine Gresham. No offense to Gresham, it's the presentation's fault. 


Also, if there's a rookie QB, it will show last season's stats. Let's say it's Aaron Rodgers v Jared Goff. Rodgers season stats from the year before will be shown, but for Goff it's 0s down the board and it just looks so stupid. A real NFL broadcast wouldn't do that. They'd show his college stats.


The pre-game on the field stuff is unrealistic, too. The team says they want to be "simulation football" but it looks like an arcade game when they show the starting lineups on the field lined up like robots with their arms crossed, pointing, etc. looking at the camera. And also not just pre-game, but during the game. I don't want to see little pop-ups over players after a big gain or something. They don't do that in real life. I especially don't want to see +500 XP or something during the game. Do they have XP in real football? No. Unrealistic.


2. Equipment:


New cleats and gloves are supposed to be in the game this year, but still no arm sleeves? They apparently added them according to the gameplay, but it looks nothing like real life or anything I've ever seen. Le'Veon Bell wears an arm sleeve that ends on the bicep in real life, but in the game, it's just a full one-sided sleeve that goes all the way up his arm to his shoulder. In real life it might even roll down to his elbow if it's raining or there's a lot of contact.


Sleeves in general are bad looking in the game. Whether it's long sleeves, above elbow sleeves, or Madden's version of "arm sleeves" they look like they're painted on in the game. In real life, Keenan Allen, Allen Hurns, and others wear loose long sleeve shirts, but like I said, in the game, it looks like they're painted on. 


Also, the equipment in general is just not personal. Antonio Brown wears his own custom forearm band, but on the game he wears a normal WRISTband. Why can't the weird sleeve type things that Darren McFadden and other players wear be added to the game? Things like that are so annoying because it's not accurate to real life.


I've added photos on the bottom for examples.


3. Gameplay


It's actually not that bad. I'm hoping the new zones and gap assignments will help out. If they want it to be simulation football, the people that know football should be better, but as recent as Madden 16, I don't think that's the case. I believe correcting everything around gameplay would in turn improve gameplay.


But, why can't we create defensive match-ups like we used to in previous Maddens? If I have Darrelle Revis, I want him shadowing DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, etc. Not being able to do so proves it's not simulation football.


And players awareness around the sidelines is still bad. If I run an out with Travis Kelce, he's a smart guy and should have the awareness to catch it and get up field immediately by the sidelines, especially if there's no one around him.


I also heard they are taking out offensive linemen injuries this year. I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of simulation football because linemen get hurt every week in real life.


4. Franchise Mode


Or CFM? I don't even know but it's completely broken for people that want a simulation football game. It has absolutely no depth. I should be able to hire a new staff as an owner, GM, or coach. You can't sign assistants from other teams. I don't even think there are assistant coaches in the game.


The trade system is just 100% broken. I would offer 3 first round picks for Johnny Manziel (early in the season) or Sam Braford or RGIII, and the other team would say no. They were even a backup sometimes and the team would decline the trade. In real life, a team would jump at that opportunity. 


We should have better game plans. For example, like I said above, there should be defensive match-ups. If I want a corner to shadow someone, I should be able to do that. And If I want someone to start on the outside at corner but kick inside in nickel or dime, I should be able to make it happen. We should be able to pick who plays where in formations on both offense and defense before games. There's no option to freeze the play clock and it's too time consuming to get the right personnel by using the subs method on the play call screen. We should also be able to choose who plays on special teams. If I have Matthew Slater or a special teams ace, I want to have him as a gunner, but there's no choosing. And if I have a veteran mentor WR or something, he should not be on special teams just because he's the fourth WR on the depth chart.


Maybe this should go into presentation, but they added the ticker for CFM, but the start times are off. It says a game starts 4:06. Why would it do that? Even if the games in real life don't start exactly at 4:05 all the time, everyone knows game times are 4:05 or 4:25 for real NFL games, not 4:06.....


There also should be some consequences for decisions. Can we even get fired as a coach or GM? I don't think so. If we trade for a quarterback who turns into a bust, and the team does bad, we're getting fired in real life, so why don't we have consequences in the game? If it's sim football there should be.


5. Career Mode (player):


There's no personality for our player. It's just mindlessly playing games until you realize there is nothing rewarding about the mode and stop playing. I wish there were some decisions to make or at least player specific commentary that goes into a little bit of depth. I don't think it should be anything specific like the joke of a career mode 2k had last year with Spike Lee where your parents are automatically black and your friend dies or something, but a little personality would help. We could choose whether we are laid back, energetic, quiet, outspoken, etc.


Also, it would be a lot better if we actually got drafted so we couldn't choose our team, or at least give us the option to not choose our team unless we choose to be undrafted. 


We should be able to demand a trade if we are unhappy for some reason, or holdout if we want a new contract, or sign a new contract extension a year early, or take a pay cut, or even just get traded or cut if you aren't performing or are causing problems. And the commentary team should talk about it, or at least mention it so the mode doesn't seem so dry and shallow.


6. Ultimate Team


Madden Ultimate Team is definitely better than MyTeam (NBA 2k) and Diamond Dynasty (MLB The Show) but it's because the superior promotions and substance of the mode. Unlike CFM, MUT has a lot to it. The cards looks great compared to MyTeam. The holiday cards make the mode for me, but there's still a lot to improve.


What makes MyTeam and DD good is the customization of the mode. We can create a team name that actually fits (Winterfell Wolves gets cut off on Madden), customize the logo, jerseys, etc. It makes the mode less repetitive and the team feels like it's yours.


I might be the minority here, but I really dislike how after the NFL season is over, the mode just becomes stacked with 99s. It's stupid to have guys with attributes over 100. After the NFL season is over is the time I like to play, but I don't anymore because the mode becomes cartoonish with jacked-up players all over the place. There are guys in the mid to high 90s who never have or never will be close to that in real life. This is more of a personal preference as opposed to complaining about it not being simulation football because it's a fantasy mode so straying from sim is okay I guess.


7. General:


There's a lot of important things that I haven't talked about yet that I will put here. It's ranting a little bit.


Player models face and body wise are terrible for most guys. Quarterbacks, punters, and kickers are just as jacked as linebackers, which makes the game feel even more arcade-like.


Players have almost no personality. I see Cam is gonna be dabbing this year, but in real life he is apparently not going to anymore, so that's kind of a waste... But like Tom Brady should be fired up. Eli should be mopping around after a bad play. J.J. Watt should act like J.J. Watt. The only thing separating the players right now is the uniform colors, number, and body/face. A player that is humble wouldn't dance after a touchdown or point after a first down (ex: Jordy Nelson doing "The Bernie" after a first down catch. That would NEVER happen.) It's just random right now. And unrealistic.


The personalities also extend to the coaches. There's supposed to be added emotions for coaches this year, but they also seem random. I see in the trailer Chip Kelly puts his arms up in celebration, but it just doesn't look right. It's not something he would do. They'll probably have Belichick hopping up and down and sprinting around like Pete Carroll would. It's just, again, unrealistic. 


A suggestion I have is adding badges like NBA 2k. They could have a cold-blooded or clutch (I know they have a trait for it but you don't feel the impact at all) badge for someone like Tom Brady where he just looks confident when running onto the field last in the 4th quarter. More examples would be, again for Brady, a fired up badge where he might be seen going crazy after a big touchdown whether head butting someone in the end zone or giving hard high fives on the sidelines. Another example is maybe fierce competitor for someone like Larry Fitzgerald where he would die to make a catch, as opposed to DeSean Jackson, who might have a soft badge, where he won't go over the middle for a catch in traffic or won't go up for a jump ball with a big hitter nearby. Josh Norman and others could have a takeaway half the field badge or something where WRs running routes in his zone in Cover 3 will lose attribute points... There's a lot the can do to improve it and tell the difference between players other than how they look.


This should probably go in the Franchise section, but players should have badges that they'll holdout a lot, take a pay cut for the team, go to a team for a ring (like Revis did with the Pats before going back to NYJ), etc. Revis, for example, would have a mercenary badge and a businessman badge because he's willing to take a one-year deal to win and structures his contracts to make as much money as possible.




There's a lot more suggestions that I can't think of right now, but EA adding half of these would make the game much, much better for the people. Anyone have anything else that will make Madden finally be simulation football?

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