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[AVG/Avast] Inquisition won't open on PC (Re-occurring after Origin update)
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It's been about 2 months since I last played Inquisition and when trying to fire up the game yesterday, it opened a black window for about a second before closing immediately. Task Manager shows that Inquisition and ActivationUI will appear and then disappear, and then the greyed-out Play button in Origin turns orange again. I have no mods installed, just vanilla game, but I have the DLCs Trespasser and The Black Emporium. I THINK my game is already set to run in windowed borderless from the last time it had display issues, but I'm not too sure. I'm on a system with integrated graphics as well as a Nvidia card, if that helps at all. Also Inquisition is set to run using the Nvidia card using the Nvidia control panel.


Here's my hastebin. http://hastebin.com/usuwuxinok.tex


I don't know if this is related or not but somewhere during those 2 months of not playing, I moved some saves out of the Bioware folder since I had too many and the game wouldn't let me save any more. When I tried to open the game the first time yesterday, Origin notified me that my local saves weren't in sync with my cloud saves, and asked whether I would like to sync the local or the cloud saves. I clicked local. Don't know if moving my saves did anything to make the game not work anymore, but yeah.


I've tried:

- restarting my computer

- repairing the game in Origin

- running the game in offline mode

- disabling Origin in-game for this product

- updating my Nvidia drivers

- running both Origin and Inquisition as administrator

- adding Inquisition and the launcher to my firewall

- disabling my firewall


Spoke to a EA technical chat advisor a couple hours ago who looked at my DxDiag and told me my graphics drivers hadn't been updated since 2013, but turns out he was looking at the info for my Intel driver and not the Nvidia one, which I update fairly regularly. I haven't uninstalled/reinstalled the game yet as it's a bit tedious (my game was installed from disc) and I won't have the time to let it run for another couple of weeks, so that's my last resort (and I don't know if it'll work). I also don't want to lose all my saves, and if I have to copy out my current saves in order to restore them after the reinstall, makes me wonder if that'll break my game again.

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