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pvz heroes keeps crashing
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ok, so i can't play pvz heroes because it keeps crashing every now and then. it's annoying when fighting bosses or playing multiplayer, especially when i don't even get the reward after the match (win or lose). i have a sony xperia phone and i could run pvz2 on it smoothly, so pvz heroes shouldn't be a problem. the crashes usually happen after the match ends, but it can also close itself mid-fight. i can do 1 fight everytime, because the 2nd time it will just crash during it. even if not during, it does after, so i still win, but i don't get my rewards. also, i've won many multiplayer matches, but i still haven't done the "win 1 multiplayer match" quest, because all of those times the player either crashed (probably) or conceded

Who Me Too'd this topic