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Scrabble slow to load, lists incorrect turn scores, slow to show current turns
★★ Novice

Thanks for your recent work to improve Scrabble based on player feedback and reviews. I'm grateful the board has become more responsive than it was a version or two ago. I'm currently experiencing the following issues:


  1. The app is extremely slow to loan on iPhone 5. When it has to reload entirely, it often takes a full 60 seconds to open the app, load the game list, and show the latest turns.
  2. When the turn list eventually appears, it is initially showing the turns that were the latest the last time I opened the app. That is, the turns by my opponents from before I made my last plays.
  3. Often, the turn scores displayed in the turn list are incorrect until after I load the game and then return to the list. Please ensure they match the actual scores shown on each board for the associated turn before opening the respective board.
  4. It used to be possible to swipe up or down to visit other active games. Currently, this only works after I've taken my turn in a particular game.
  5. Swiping after taking my turn in a particular game has always taken me to the game with the most recent play, however I prefer to play the least recent turn first. It'd be nice if after playing a turn anywhere among several games Scrabble would show me the game above the one I swiped (if I swiped down) or below (if I swiped up), just like swiping in any other app.
Who Me Too'd this topic