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Invisible Sim?
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Please help, I have an invisible sim. I can only see her green plumbob above her head, and even the slots where just her face is supposed to be is cleared away! I used the cheat testingCheatsenabled true to see if I could've done anything with that, and I'm not sure if I can. I even used resetSim <simname> <simname> and got no results, the cheat just doesn't work. I'm not 100% sure if it is a glitch or if I got a curse or something since I have my latest expansion as Supernatural, but I cannot interact with her. I can send my sim to do stuff like eat, sleep, shower, basically everything... But I cannot click on her because I can't even find her. The plumbob helps me try to locate her but I tap that area where she might be and nothing happens. Please help, I've been working on this sim for a while and she is my favourite game to play on... Is it a corrupted save? Can I revert to a save that happened before this invisible nonsense started? I have searched on the wiki about this problem and how to fix it, looked around on FAQ and read some questions about this that others have asked, and there are varied reasons. Please answer as quick as possible, but I understand that you probably get tons of these questions a day. I will poke around for more possible solutions, and hopefully I will get one from this question or my research. Thank you for your time of reading this long question, I just wanted to make sure I described everything well and stated that I have done multiple things to help myself.

Who Me Too'd this topic