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Act 1 Craftables removed without warning
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In all past events, craftable items remained throughout the entire event and only new craftables were added when acts changed. Further, there was no warning that this would change this time. The bottom merely stated the time the entire event, further leading to the expectation that everything would work normally.


Instead, all Act 1 Craftables disappeared at the end of Act 1.


If I (and many others) had know this, I would have crafted many Act 1 Craftables before the end of Act 1. Instead, I did what I have done in past events and saved my currency until I could see all the craftables and decide how to split my crafting currency, if needed.


EA, please do us a Christmas favor and add the Act 1 Craftables back in.



I am fine with the idea of Craftables that are specific to each act, but please let us know you are doing that first.


Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic