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Steam Spore Crashing
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Recently purchased Spore through Steam. Not the first time I've purchased the game; I purchased both the standard(twice) and the collector's edition, plus all the DLC. It used to run great, but for some reason it keeps crashing on me -- which means no chance for the achievement you get when playing from Cell Stage to Space Stage Frown 

Not only that, I can't get through maybe 10 minutes of game play before the crashes happen. I'm still in Creature Stage, and the crashes normally happen when I die or when I start attacking other creatures. I've read the forums on Steam and people are saying that you can't run Spore on Windows 8.1, which is the system I'm running on. Are there any fixes for this? I've tried running the game through the normal .exe and through the Galactic Adventures .exe. 


Please help? 

I really enjoy this game and would like to be able to play it. 

Who Me Too'd this topic