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Spore Server's Status
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Good news to all Spore friends


Welcome back, EA relaunched the Spore servers.. Standard smile

*As the servers are back up now, I'm going to lock and unsticky this. *


I am already online via Sporepedia in Spore.
#All achievements are there,
#All the creations are there.


Spore Service Announcement


Spore-re-launch current issues




Login & connect error Spore Servers: This affects particularly the Steam version .
Please jump in this topic and read the solution. THANKS


Latest Spore Game Update - Released March 2017


Spore Master FAQ for PC and MAC


Thanks so much for your patience ladies and gentleman... Standard smile

Lets play 




I don't work for EA - I'm just only help other users
Jag jobbar inte för EA - jag hjälper bara andra spelare
Ich bin nur ein Spieler der anderen hilft und kein EA Mitarbeiter.
Mvh/Yours Liz
Who Me Too'd this topic