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Will there ever be a Spore 2?
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Will EA ever release a Spore 2? I hope they will because Spore is my favorite video game! Standard smile

I have some suggestions for Spore 2 if there is gonna be one. Which I hope there will because Spore was released in 2008 Dang EA and Maxis you're almost beating Valve with their 8 years with no sequel with Half Life! (Not to be mean in any way)



1: Aquatic Stage (+ Procedurally generated Aquatic World)

2: Ragdoll Physics

3: Blood (Can be ticked on and off in the settings)

4: Procedural Generated Walking'

5: Spines.

6: Balanced Ecosystem (Basically it prevents you from being all powerful in Creature & Aquatic by making a creature stronger then you)

7: Dragging Bodies

8: Willosaur Parts

9: Brain investments and personality sliders

10: Actual Wildlife AI (That means Herbivores grazing and Carnivores in packs hunting)

11: No cartoonish graphics.

12: Ability to use your Spore creations (Adventures,Creatures,ect) to be usable

Who Me Too'd this topic