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"There was an error during startup. Please see the Log for more details" <- driving me insane.!!!!
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That isn't my only problem. When I went to download Showtime(I bought an online version from Amazon), it told me it couldn't continue with the set up until I updated my game. So I opened my launcher, and these exact words popped up "There was an error during startup. Please see the Log for more details." I've been researching this error for atleast an hour or more and anything I've found has said there really isn't a guaranteed way to fix it. I tried uninstalling Origin and reinstalling, it worked for a second, but then it returned to the same error. I also tried updating Origins, but that also didn't work. So I searched online for a way to update the game without the launcher, but everything seemed way too shady. At this point and moment I'm downloading the game from Origins and hoping that it will allow me to just use the TS3 icon to open it when it's finished. I'd really appreciate some feed back on what to do with this. I'm just appalled that with as many people who have experienced the same error, no one has found a sure fire way to fix this, let alone the reason the launcher is bugging up the way it is.

Who Me Too'd this topic