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Handball probz in Fifa 16
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Handball was a huge issue in Fifa 15. And that's carried over to Fifa 16. 

I contacted EA Support earlier today about the handball in Career Mode. Cause it was funny how my player swatted the ball into the net. 
Turns out there is no handball in Fifa 16 Career Mode. There isn't even an option to turn handball on or off. It just flat out doesn't exist. 

The agent I had spoken to, Spencer, did some research and told me that in other modes Kick Off / FUT there is an option to turn it on or off. And that there were reports of the ball being wierd if it were on.. 

In Pro.. there isn't any handball either... this I can understand.. its already pretty stressful as is.. adding handball to Pro Clubs & Drop Ins would suck so much.. 

but people like myself who like to play career mode, like it because of the realistic tune of the mode.

Spencer told me to make a thread suggesting to add handball as an option to Career Mode AND fixing handball in Kick Off / FUT / Tournaments etc


EA Sports really needs to add and fix handball in Fifa 16. It's a part of football / soccer. 

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