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[FIXED] Issue with auto-solve (fun & energy) and Free will not working
[ Edited ]
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the auto solve for energy and fun has stopped working for my household after the last update and the game no longer recreates a cache! I installed the update this morning, repaired the game after noticing the Sims auto solve functions had become buggy, but they're still not working and I have no cache


Initially I thought it had something to do with their energy levels as clicking on the energy button for a Sim with green energy level prompts them to nap on the sofa, relax in the hot tub or grab a mug of coffee, but as soon as their energy level becomes orange and red they have no idea what to do and just stand complaining about being tired.


I also thought it could be something to do with door locks and claiming beds, in a 5 Sim household all the bedroom doors were locked and accessible for one Sim only and the bed in that room had already been claimed by that Sim, however unlocking all the doors made no difference, I didn't try replacing the beds though. I gave up Frown


the exception file has loads of ...\", line 1678, in _score_object_interactions_gen
  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\autonomy\", line 2212, in _process_scored_interaction
AttributeError: 'float' object has no attribute... none of which makes any sense!

Last night good game - today lunacy! I have no mods or CC installed although the house is from the gallery.


edit: I just tried a fresh game and even though all of the auto solve buttons work the game is still not creating a cache.

another edit: started another fresh game and moved the household in from the gallery all the auto solve buttons work and the cache was created.

I do like the trick or treat interactions, but I am so unhappy that an unmodified saved game has become unplayable because I had assumed that playing without mods would prevent these glitches from happening. I guess not Frown


last edit (ever because this is pants!) Going back to the original saved game, selling and replacing the beds worked, in so much as the Sims chose the beds in the bedrooms that were locked for everyone else but that Sim. However after waking them up and then clicking the energy button they then chose a different bed to sleep in. And then after having them claim the bed in the room that was locked against every other Sim but themselves (that's the same bed that they autonomously chose in the first place) the auto solve function fails again, and they have to be manually directed to sleep!


I have been unable to get the auto solve function to work on the fun tab either. The other buttons toilet, shower, eat work it's just energy and fun. Obviously if I am the only one it's happening to then it must be a problem with that saved household, it was that household that forced me to start a fresh game by moving them from the gallery after last months update, now it seems I have three choices

  1. start a new game and give up on that household and saved game
  2. start a new game and move that household in from the gallery after every update
  3. give up on the game entirely and save myself a load of grief!
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