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[SOLUTION] 21:9 BLACK BARS FIX FOR FIFA 15/16 (2560X1080, 3440X1440)
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Haven't discovered anything, found it there:


"These are the steps I used to get 21x9 working in both FIFA 15 and the FIFA 16 demo. For the FIFA 16 demo just replace fifa15.exe with fifa16_demo.exe. I am guessing the process works with the full version of FIFA 16 when it comes out.

1) Download HxD for your language from
[Removed - Admin.]. I use the portable version so I do not have to install it.
2) Extract the program from the zip file.
3) Go to your FIFA 15 install folder and make a backup copy of fifa15.exe
4) Run HxD.exe and open up fifa15.exe
5) Click on Search then Replace in the menu
6) Enter "39 8E E3 3F" in "Search for" and "8E E3 18 40" for 3440x1440 or "26 B4 17 40" for 2560x1080 in "Replace with"
7) Change "Datatype" to "Hex-values" and click "Replace all"
8) Save your changes and you should be good to go.
9) If you have issues replace the fifa15.exe file with the backup you made in step 3

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Good luck and enjoy the game.

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