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There is a severe lack of XP points awarded to players in Connected Franchise
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There is a severe lack of xp points in madden 16 connected franchise. I play offline and I just finished my first season getting next to no experience on a weekly basis from game prep. Only could get like 54xp or 49xp or whatever. But I kept playing because I figured the players would just get it all in end of the year bonuses. Nope, they got hardly any experience at all.


I did a fantasy draft and had two rookie corner backs who each got seven picks, one made the pro-bowl. I had two rookie defensive ends. One got 11 sacks and the other got 8 sacks. I had a rookie outside linebacker who is a superstar get 115 tackles. I had a rookie quarter back go second in the league in passing and win rookie and QB of the year. 


None of those players got more than 9,000 xp points. The defensive ends got 6,400 and 4,900 xp. My best cb got like 7,100 xp. This is just ridiculously unreasonable. These players were rookies and destroyed the league. This should have been the time when they earned the most xp but they got hardly any. How we supposed to progress players and build a team???


I only buy madden for the franchise mode, and players are getting so little xp that it make the mode unplayable. And I have noticed other people are having the same problem. Something needs to be done about this unless i'm missing something. Please help.

Who Me Too'd this topic