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Sims 4 not opening
★ Novice

I can not open My sims four. I have played it a lot and it just might need sometime to do something, I don't know. I played yesterday (8.23.15) and stopped cause I had something to do. I had then saved and closed the program. Then again last night I tried to open it on my desktop (I have a shortcut) and it would not open. I had then tried Origin But when I moved my mouse over the game "play" was greyed out and I couldn't click on it to play. I had thought that maybe it was updating or something so I left it alone. Then this morning (8.24.15) I tried to play again. I clicked on my shortcut (desktop) and it wouldn't open so I tried Origin and "play" was still blacked out. I am very concerned, I do have 4 Elder Sims and two Pregnant and Not being on the game when one dies or gives birth would very much frustrate me. So if anyone could help that would be amazing! Thanks! 

Who Me Too'd this topic