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Accepted Solution
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Community Manager (retired)

If you are experiencing issues with your DLC showing as unauthorized, or not showing at all, please first ensure that you are logged on to the account that you redeemed your DLC on. Also make sure that you have installed the latest patch: Patch 1.05.


If the issue persists, you will find below troubleshooting steps that have proven useful:


  • DLC Shows as Unauthorized in the Installed Content Tabclick here
  • DLC is not functionning Correctlyclick here
  • The Available Content Page is Blankclick here
  • Enable Updaterclick here
  • Disable Updaterclick here
  • Updating for Steam Customersclick here
  • Updating for Stardock Customersclick here
  • DAUpdaterSVC is Invalid Error : If you receive this error while performing any of the above, click here.


Update 6-05-2013


The Stone Prisoner is now available for free. 

To download and install it, go to the following page: 

  • Click on "Buy now" 
  • Click on the version of your choice for 0 BioWare points.
  • Read and accept the Digital Services Agreement and complete the purchase.


Who Me Too'd this topic