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[READ FIRST] Sims 4 - Mac Help, Guides and Troubleshooting
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Whether your game isn't playing properly or you just want some info on how The Sims 4 should perform on your Mac, please take some time to read through this thread and try out some of the suggestions and troubleshooting tips. This thread is for Mac specific issues. For general gameplay bugs it's always worth checking Crinrict's Bug Thread as some bugs are gameplay related so therefore affect both Mac and Windows users. 


- Finding out which Mac you have

Please read these instructions on how to find the information.


- System requirements

Make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements for the game. If it doesn't it will not load.


- Game not loading

- Black screen

- Crashing

Please try these basic troubleshooting steps before posting asking for help. You can normally fix simple problems yourself in minutes. 


- Greyed out Play/Install button in Origin

Please try this fix


- Screen flickering in-game

Toggle your Edge Smoothing settings. More information here.


- Game not updating in Origin

Please try this fix


- Game icon bouncing up and down in the Dock but not loading

Please try this fix


- Saved games not loading

Jump to this post.


- Mac specific bugs

Please read this post for Mac specific bugs. These are bugs which only affect those playing The Sims 4 in OS X and macOS.


- CC, Mods and Patching

Please jump to this post. 


- Using the cheat console

Help for cheat console issues.


- Graphics issues

For all graphics related queries head to this section. 


- Origin

For help with Origin on a Mac.

How to install Sims 4 on an external drive


- OS X/macOS

OS X El Capitan thread

macOS Sierra thread


- Miscellaneous information

If you want to play the same save games on two or more Macs you can without having to copy the save files onto an external drive. Saves can be synced immediately using a file sharing site and an app called MacDropAny. Full instructions here.


If you would like to stop the Gallery from filling up the cache folder with thumbnails you can use Automator to automatically delete them.


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