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Account Temporarily Locked
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*Edit* This is OBVIOUSLY a re-occurring issue. EA, if you haven't worked a fix for this, at least bring attention to it. Add this to the troubleshoot lists giving everyone the direction to contact you when this happens. We shouldn't have to fish around to figure out whats wrong with our accounts.


I've noticed so many people with this issue, yet nobody has responded to ANY of them. Please help...


After starting up my PS4 and getting on DA: Inquisition, a pop-up told me that "in order to protect my information, my account has been temporarily locked". Yet, I've not received any emails about this, and I seem to be able to log into Origin just fine on my PC. Seriously, my account seems fine. Now, I've changed my password and it hasn't fixed the issue. Also, the DA Keep gives me an "Oops, an error has occurred" pop-up and won't sync. I made a new Origin account and the keep works just fine, so obviously it has something to do with my account.


Please, please, please explain why my account has been locked, and how I'm supposed to unlock it when... to my knowledge, nothing is wrong with it. I have no messages, and I don't have any friends on my friends list either. (Apparently, that has created a known issue.)


I just bought Jaws of Hakkon, and I was looking forward to playing DA: I after taking a break and investing 120 hours in The Witcher 3. I feel, literally, robbed of my money and it's so frustrating that numerous people seem to have this error and nobody is getting any useful answers.

Who Me Too'd this topic