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[INFO ] Games not opening after latest Origin update
[ Edited ]
EA Staff

Hello all,


There is now a Beta build available for the Origin client that should resolve this issue so the steps listed in my original post are no longer needed (in the Spoiler below). Please follow the steps below to install the update:


  1. Go to Origin menu (top left corner of the client), Application Settings and General
  2. Tick the 'Update to the beta version when available' option
  3. Exit Origin client and restart
  4. Download and install the prompted update

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!




Hello all,


We are aware that there is currently an issues with some games (Sims 4, SimCity, FIFA World etc.) not opening after the latest Origin update. Some of you may have tried the work around of disabling Origin In Game to resolve the issue, but we would like to ask you that you try the following steps and let us know if the issue still occurs for you or not:


  1. Make sure your game is closed 
  2. Make sure Origin In Game is enabled (Origin menu - Application Settings - Origin In Game)
  3. Close Origin
  4. Download a setup file from the following link:
  5. Run the downloaded file
  6. Try to launch the game again


Please reply to this thread if you were able to launch your game or not.


Thank you for your assistance!


Who Me Too'd this topic