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Grey cutscenes and cannot connect to dragon age servers.
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First off id like to say sorry for making another post when there has been so many in the last few weeks/months but i feel my questions arent being answered, so iam going to keep making them until they do.


i have multiple questions and gonna number them for easy quote and reply/

  1. i cannot connect to dragon age servers in-game, and i mean simply logging in, i baught the deluxe edition so i have a buncha dlc that i cannot use, my internet is poor, its dial up iam afraid, but its good enugh to connect to origin, to dragon keep, to multiple MMO's like Rift and age of wulin, so why not DA: I? i have tried to search this issue on my own and all i keep getting is the same questions that arent actually being answered very clearly, so ill say what i have tried to solve it, ive turned off my anti virus and also added exceptions to fire walls, it still happensthats pretty much all i could figure lol, 
  2. if my internet simply isnt good enough, is it possible to try and move the game to an external hard drive then connect it from somewhere else? or does the dlc need an active internet connection at all times? instead of just the once to verify it?
  3. this is an in game issue, when i have a cutscene, any cutscene, there are partial grey areas, which seem to occer randomly if its a camera that is focusing on a face [my characters face or anyone activly in conversation is in color but the back ground and everything else is black and white]. at first i figured that was just  a feature to give it something unique, but then i played the same game on my brothers xbone and the grey and black and white issue isnt there...everything is in full color P.S. normal gameplay [exploring etc] is in full color too, this happens only during cutscenes.


Thats it, thanks for baring with me and sorry for grammar etc..i feel like iam not getting my moneys worth if i dont get this sorted..on a site note, if these issues are currently being looked at and there will be a solution soon, then thats fine...i can wait.

Who Me Too'd this topic