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[FIXED] No Ask To Leave Interaction/Missing Lot Type
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I have not experienced this bug personally, but am relaying it from a post on the Sims forums here.


The user in question is not using any mods and has always run The Sims 4 as vanilla.   When a sim comes to visit or is invited over, they never leave autonomously and there is no option to ask them to leave.   Another user posted a possible source of the problem and a workaround to get things running smoothly again.


"Check the lot designation status in build mode, under the 'Lot Info Panel' tab. There should be a house icon with the word Residential next to it. If instead, there is a coloured square with 'name' next to it, then the game for some reason has change it to a generic community lot, and Sims in the area are using as your house as such. That is why you cannot ask them to leave.

I had this problem earlier, when pretty much all the immediate Sims in the area walked into my house and made themselves at home! I had no interaction to ask them to leave, My loner Sim nearly had a nervous breakdown 'Major Stranger Danger!' The only way I found to fix this, was to first evict my Sims, change the lot back to residential and then move them back in...hope this helps."


Posting this here to get it added to the list and to let others know of the apparant work around.  Hopefully this will help save someone's sanity.  Standard smile



 EDIT: Changed Thread Title to indicate that the two issues are related to one another.


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