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Missing Elfs from Daily Winnings
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Many players on tstoaddicts are stating they are missing Elves from the game. Like it hits 15-16 and just stops adding anymore. 


To date, each player SHOULD have received 4 Elves from the Toy Shop in the beginning of the questline. 


To date, each player SHOULD have received 1 Elf for each Santa's Task/Elf Tunnel unlocked. 12 so far with the 13th about to open. 


To date, each player playing the game for 5 days in a row at least once a day SHOULD have recieved 1 Elf for every time they hit the 5 day bonus mark (which normally paid out a Mystery Box outside the Event). 


So TO DATE, players SHOULD have at LEAST 16 Elves if all items finished with more adding for 5 day streak and additional Tunnels opened. 


Contacting reps has proven spotty. Many spoken to do not play the game or have not for too long, so they do not understand the issue that is going on. As this game is HIGHLY reliant on earning presents for the Holiday Event, and Elves are the #1 earning power for them...this issue needs to be addresses ASAP. 


If YOU are missing Elves, please post your info below


How many Elves are missing? 

How many Tunnels opened?

How many 5 day streaks?

Device playing on. 


Together we can get this issue corrected for ALL impacted players. 


Who Me Too'd this topic